Affiliate Appreciation Open House

Thank you Affiliates for another great year!  Thank you to everyone who came to show our Affiliates how much we appreciate their support!

Affiliates Present REALTORS AFFILIATES LUNCHEON 009 Bryan Carroll, First United. Gary Sanford, Goodyear Geeen, Ric Heintzelman REALTORS AFFILIATES DINNER 005 kKevin Cutter, First Americam Title with Jody Hale, Weokie Credit Union.REALTORS AFFILIATES DINNER 006 Pam with Greg Mirse. Republic Bank & Trust. REALTORS AFFILIATES DINNER 004 PRES Pam, Tege Hopson, First Americant Title, Amy Groves, Goodyear GreenREALTORS AFFILIATES DINNER 007 REALTORS AFFILIATES DINNER 002 REALTORS AFFILIATES DINNER 003